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Guide to Internships at Uptake

Company Description

Uptake is a predictive analytics platform that provides solutions when given sets of data. In specific, Uptake has commonly find solutions within the healthcare and insurance industries.


  • Industry: Analytics
  • Founded: 2014
  • Type: Privately Traded
  • Headquarters: 600 W Chicago Ave #620, Chicago, IL 60654 United States
  • Company Size: 500+ Employees
  • Average Employee Age: 30
  • Tech Stack: Python, Java, Cassandra, Nifi, Kafka, Docker

How to get an interview?

  • Apply Online
  • Career Fairs: University of Chicago, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Carnegie Mellon, Northwestern, University of Michigan, Harvard, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
  • Employee Referral

Internship Overview

  • Application Opening: Late September
  • Internship Locations: Chicago IL
  • Internship Length: 10 weeks
  • Housing Stipend: $1000 monthly
  • Intern Class Size: 35

Interview Process

  1. HR interview to gauge culture fit
  2. Given a technical/software design project to complete within a week
  3. One hour technical/product interview with Product Strategy Lead
  4. Two 45-minute onsite interviews with product managers

Previous Intern Experiences

Technical Product Intern

  • Create VB macros and JQL queries to centralize product resources
  • Design onboarding documentation and led engineering teams for frontend and backend feature development.

Data Science Intern

  • Drive data ingestion accuracy by writing scripts that validated incoming data with respect to the backend APIs.

Compensation Table

Role Reported Compensation
Technical Product Intern - Hourly $20