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Guide to Internships at Snapchat

Company Description

Snapchat is the camera used by over 150 million people every day to Snap with close friends and family, see events from around the world, and explore expertly-curated content from top publishers. Snapchat aims to be the best platform in the world for communication and storytelling.

General Information

  • Industry: Social Media
  • Founded: 2011
  • Type: Privately Traded
  • Headquarters: 64 Market St; Venice, California 90291 United States
  • Company Size: 300+
  • Average Employee Age:
  • Tech Stack:

How to get an interview?

  • Apply Online
  • Career Fairs: University of California Berkeley
  • Employee Referral

Internship Overview

  • Application Opening:
  • Internship Locations: Venice CA
  • Internship Length: 12 weeks
  • Housing Stipend: Provided
  • Intern Class Size:

Interview Process

  1. Apply online or through employee referral
  2. Hacker rank challenge
  3. HR Phone Call
  4. Video call technical interview
  5. Possible onsite interview in Venice, CA

Interview Questions

  1. You have points on a 2D graph. You aim to find a straight line that can fit as my points as possible. Write a function that returns the maximum number of points you can fit.
  2. Graphs, Stack, Trees, Trie, + other standard data structures
  3. Parallel access lru cache, word split, similarities in data streams
  4. Problems relating to conways game of life

Previous Intern Experiences

Software Engineering Intern

  • Contribute to Messaging team (high learning curve)
  • Add deltas for sending new updates from the server to Snapchat clients
  • Decrease average server response size by 70% and average latency by 30%.
  • Work with the Security team to detect third party clients and improving Snapchat’s CAPTCHA
  • Implemented functionality allowing customer support to restore lost snapstreaks
  • Research and develop video hosting platform integrating Google App Engine and Brightcove to serve videos to millions of users
  • Imrpove new userretention and feature visibility by enabling iOS app to serve localized versions of tips and tricks videos

Security and Privacy Intern

  • Defined privacy requirements and analyzed insufficiencies of previous encryption system
  • Collaborate with cryptography experts to design and evaluate novel security schemes
  • Developed working prototype as proof of concept and performed feasibility analysis

Compensation Table

Role Reported Compensation
Software Engineering Intern - Hourly $55