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Guide to Internships at Radius Intelligence

Company Description

Radius Intelligence is analytics platform that provides insights for small businesses. Specifically Radius Intelligence aims to improve marketing of smaller companies in order to increase revenue.


  • Industry: Analytics
  • Founded: 2009
  • Type: Privately Traded
  • Headquarters: United States
  • Company Size: 100+ Employees
  • Average Employee Age: 28
  • Tech Stack: Scala, Python, Apache Spark

How to get an interview?

Internship Overview

  • Application Opening: August
  • Internship Locations: San Francisco CA
  • Internship Length: 10 weeks
  • Housing Stipend: None
  • Intern Class Size: 8

Interview Process

  1. 2 hour interview phone interview

Previous Intern Experiences

Data Science Intern

  • Integrated customer data with main data set

Software Engineering Intern

  • Ease new web data source on-boarding
  • Refactor toward a less monolithic codebase
  • Refactor toward Scrapy instead of inĀ­house framework

Compensation Table

Role Reported Compensation
Data Science Intern - Hourly $43